Mission, vision and values

Mission, vision and values


San Sebastian European Capital of Culture 2016 seeks to construct in our region and in Europe a new sustainable model of coexistence and relation between different kinds of people.

To achieve its goal, it promotes and facilitates a context – a time, a space, resources, a focal point – of experimenting and learning in which to generate, concentrate, coordinate and shed light on innovative, diverse (locations, languages, agents, disciplines, audiences) and collaborative cultural processes and activities and processes that inspire, qualify and empower citizens, to become – beyond 2016 – active and committed protagonists of the new model.


The San Sebastian European Capital of Culture 2016 project aspires to the hope that, by 2026, ours will be a society where people have the know-how and tools to overcome conflicts and live together, sharing in peace and collaborating in a supportive community.

A more open society where diversity is included, respected and appreciated as a source of wealth and equality is promoted.

A society where citizens participate more actively and responsibly in common areas, becoming involved in public matters and exercising authentic democracy.

A more cosmopolitan society that connects local aspects with Europe and the world, contributing to others from its own identity and expanding that identity in order to grow.

A creative society, capable of inventing new ground rules for economic, environmental, social and cultural sustainability.


The Values are the guidelines of the action taken by people. The DSS2016EU project endeavours to promote, from the example set by the organisation itself and for society as a whole, a number of specific values, and to succeed it seeks materialisation in behaviours, attitudes and criteria, etc.

The values that govern DSS2016EU activity are: creativity, openness, diversity, pro-commons, responsibility, respect and empathy, and the Basque language.