The evaluation of the processes and activities carried out within the framework of the Capital of Culture year was, from the start, one of the basic tasks of San Sebastian 2016. Going beyond the traditional models for measuring economic, media or image impacts, a comprehensive evaluation system was proposed that would also cover more intangible aspects, reflected in values or sentiment, among others. The design of this evaluation system responded to the Capital of Culture project's philosophy itself, which focused on topics related to the social and human impacts of cultural activity.

The evaluation model of DSS2016EU proposed a participative, innovative framework linked to the local and international community, by means of methodologies that encouraged active participation, dialogue, constructive criticism, the systematic accumulation of experiences and critical thought in both external assessments and in internal monitoring.

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In this section we present the results obtained in the evaluation process, divided into three large groups: global evaluation of DSS2016EU, evaluation of projects and specific plans and results of R&D+i.  

Global evaluation of DSS2016EU

This section contains the results of the evaluation of the general impact of the Capital of Culture project as a whole. For this purpose different evaluation processes were set up to measure the level of achievement of the general goals set out in the programme. This process was carried out by external agents to guarantee its independence. The results of each one of these evaluations are available in the following documents.

Evaluación de San Sebastián 2016, Capital Europea de la Cultura
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Donostia 2016 Europako Kultur Hiriburuaren ebaluazioa
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Evaluation of San Sebastián 2016 European Capital of Culture
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Evaluación externa DSS2016EU
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DSS2016EU Kanpo Ebaluazioa
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Evaluación DSS2016EU ANEXO  Cálculo indicadores Ex Post PDF ES 8,5 MB

Evaluación DSS2016EU ANEXO II  Herramientas de medición utilizadas en la evaluación externa Ex Post PDF ES 45 MB


Evaluation of specific projects and plans

In addition to the global evaluation, another series of specific evaluations linked to specific projects were also carried out. In this respect, apart from the evaluation of these projects, other evaluations were also carried out more related to participative processes, volunteering and the treatment of multilingualism, among others. These specific evaluations focused on measuring the level of achievement of the goals of the projects and plans in question, by means of different methodological approaches (collecting the perception of the attending audience by means of questionnaires, observations by participants or semi-structured interviews, among others). In this field both evaluations carried out by the Foundation itself and others carried out by external agents, experts in the fields and topics to be measured, were carried out. The results of each one of these evaluations are available in the following documents.


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  Olas de energia Informe final Olas de Energia Ardora PDF ES 2 MB

  Energia olatuak Egindako lanen txostena Energia-olatuak Ardora PDF EU 2 MB

  Gabon Txirrita Evaluación PDF ES 750 KB

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  Zubideak Informe general de resultados Zubideak PDF ES 1,5 MB

R&D&i results

Among the different lines of work, a line was established to promote research and training related to the framework of action and the values promoted by the Capital of Culture project, providing financial support for several Master's degree courses offered by the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and the University of Deusto. The result of the research papers selected is contained in the following documents.

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